Intelligent automation in your administration

Intelligent automation and services

Increasing the efficiency in your administration is a priority for your company? You are looking for ways to start an intelligent automation program, but don’t know how to get started? You heard about RPA technology or did a small proof of concept around it, but how to scale or leverage on it? These are a number of questions know how to deal with, just contact us.

You have already heard of the advantages of RPA as a technology, but where is the best place to use this technology? Where do you start? What pitfalls should you avoid? No pompous methodology with us, but hands-on. Together with you and taking into account your organization and culture, we try to provide an appropriate answer to all questions you have about this subject. Is that with advice or in a workshop, it doesn’t matter to us, we mainly listen to you first.

In many companies, the knowledge resides in the minds of the employees.  Processes are not always documented.  As a result, it is usually too difficult to get a good estimate from an RPA implementation partner.  We at can record the processes through interviews.  This gives you a process description that you can submit to your RPA implementation partner.

We usually do this for a department, with the aim of creating a list (backlog) of processs to be automated. Having a backlog makes it easier to evaluate potential use cases and to prioritize. It will also help you in the ROI calculations and budget requests.

We know from experience that many processes cannot be automated linearly. Very often other choices have to be made along the way, whereby the process is partially redesigned. This re-design makes it all a bit more logical to be taken over by a bot. In technical jargon, this means that we document the entire process in a process design document (PDD) that can be developed by your RPA implementation partner.

Making a good PDD is an art.

An RPA program often involves different departments within the company, but also often calls on external parties. Not every company has the internal capacity to set up a real RPA program with the necessary governance. 

In mutual consultation we determine how the governance of the program is in line with the operation and culture of the company. We have the experience, but above all it must be in line with what you want and are able to do.


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