Intelligent document processing and recognition as a service

Our “Document as a service” solution frees up the information in your documents

ISI-DOC stands for Intelligent Solution To Interpret Documents. We process all the information in all your documents with unparalleled speed and reliability. All this at a very competitive price!

OCR as a service = ISI-DOC

ISI-DOC, what is it?

We treat all your documents “as a service”.
But what does that mean? How does it work?

ISI-DOC is a platform for processing invoices, delivery notes, purchase orders, receipts, etc. It replaces tedious, manual data entry with transparent, manageable, efficient and automated data capture, based on intelligent document analysis and character recognition technologies.

Our platform uses the better intelligent document processing software in the market. The technology uses machine learning and artificial intelligence. The solution includes additional features, predefined parameters, validation rules, advanced database search, and user interface enhancements. This software is specifically designed to handle a very wide range of different types of documents.

ISI-DOC is an “as-a-service” service capable of identifying data on a wide variety of document types, including those with unusual layouts. What is not automatically recognized by our robots is supplemented by our “back-office” service to guarantee 100% correct recognition.

ISI-DOC includes country-specific validation rules and customizable logic and arithmetic checks, as well as the ability to compare documented data with your company's databases. This ensures data consistency and compliance with local law.

Our ISI-DOC service is simple, flexible and affordable. No subscription costs with us, you pay per document! You pay an advance invoice on a monthly basis, set to your planned spending pattern. Every quarter a settlement is made based on the processed documents. You can also receive a quarterly report containing an overview of the documents sent and processed. This reporting can also be set to the frequency of your choice.

ISI-DOC is not a “software as a service” (SAAS) solution. You send us your document via one of our communication channels and you receive the agreed output format back via one of these channels. You do not need to invest in the technical know-how or in the licenses of the applications used.

The benefits of our solution

ISI-DOC is an advanced service for the B2B market and takes advantage of new possibilities in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Time saving

Our solution frees you from the burden of manual processing of your documents. It guarantees that all your documents are recognized down to the smallest details.


Our solution can be configured to suit your needs.


Our solution is separate from your IT architecture, but we integrate seamlessly with your desired link.

Cost vs ROI

Our solution has a very low total cost of ownership (TCO): you only pay per document that you send us.

Document types

ISI-DOC can handle a large number of different file formats.


ISI-DOC supports all European languages: French, English, Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, …

ISI-DOC Supported File Formats

Recognize your type in the list below!

Our solution can probably interpret any type of document:


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