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Processing order confirmations, who does that for you?

Asking the question, is…

There is a good chance you are answering this question with the name of a colleague or maybe yourself, right? At our customers this is now done automatically and this by use of RPA software in combination with ISI-DOC (intelligent solution for interpreting documents – as a service).

Why not with EDI, I will hear some of you suggest? Well, because EDI requires resources and people on both ends of the supply chain spectrum. Reality tells us that this is not always easy and cost-efficient. With the deployment of RPA software and ISI-DOC, you keep control over your solution.

How does it work?

Pretty simple, we build a script with an RPA solution that follows up your order confirmation mailbox. Each time your supplier sends an order confirmation, it is detected by the bot-script and the PDF attachment is passed to the ISI-DOC platform. The filter in the script to qualify and classify mails is made dynamic so you have control over what is or is not forwarded towards ISI-DOC.

The ISI-DOC platform interprets the transmitted orderconfirmations and compares the mandatory data fields with your initial order (conform our agreement). The order confirmations that meet the validation criteria are converted into a file format (CSV, XML,…) that is sent back to your environment for further processing. The order confirmations that do not meet the validation criteria are returned to you with the original pdf for manual follow-up. The quantity of this last group depends very much on your internal processes and the agreements with your suppliers.  You know the data quality saying: “garbage in – garbage out”.

Forwarding, forwarding,… sounds like a manual task? No, there is no human action involved.

Loading the validated order confirmations into your ERP environment is not the most complex thing. Our experience shows that the person who supports your ERP environment does complete the configuration of the file format (CSV, XML,…) in your ERP module in one day or even faster.

Ready to go? Or do you still want to be convinced by the cost of it?

The RPA software you need in order to automate manual tasks within your company is free to choose, but know that many companies already have a free version of “Power Automate” through their Microsoft 365 license. We can give you tailored advice in accordance with your plans and ambition. The ISI-DOC pricing is a “pay-per-use” model with no subscription fees. You pay for what is processed on the platform. You will see that the investments are limited and that your ROI calculation will soon be smiling at you.

Processing order confirmations, who does that for you?

To ask the question is to answer it and you will automate the process through

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