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Our “as a service” service for requesting certificates via Digichambers

Many companies recognize the need for intelligent automation, but too often have doubts about its feasibility and implementation. At we want to assist our customers from advice to implementation. A bridging function between customer, technology and implementing parties, that is a role in which we can show our added value and for which you should be at

ISCO, what is it?

Automatically request certificates of origin, “as a service”.
But what does that mean? How does it work?

With ISCO you can request your certificates of origin from the Chamber of Commerce. No heavy paperwork, but fast and efficient. We set up a secure environment for you (sharepoint), which you can access via your business email address (multiple people in your company possible).

You place the sales invoice in the folder provided for this purpose on sharepoint. Our digital bots pick up the sales invoice and transfer the document to the ISCO platform. On this platform, all data is extracted from the document to make a correct application for the certificate of origin.

After checking and verification at the Chamber of Commerce, ISCO can collect the certificate of origin from Digichambers. The certificate is then made available in your sharepoint environment within the platform

Complete files are provided via ISCO at Digichambers on your behalf. Digichambers has not yet set up a facility to facilitate a third-party application. Your username at Digichambers and password are stored in a secure environment on the ISCO platform and only used in the identification process at Digichambers (API call).

The benefits of our solution

ISCO is an advanced service for the B2B market and takes advantage of new possibilities in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Time saving

We relieve your employee of the manual input of data in Digichambers. A bot works faster than a human.

Error free

ISCO scans the data from your invoices (A/R). The caputered data is used in the Digichambers portal to request a certificate of origin 100% error prone.


Ease of use is our top priority. Exchanging the necessary data with us is very easy. ISCO communicates via the APIs made available by Digichambers.

Cost vs ROI

ISCO works on the basis of a unit price per effective request. If you compare this to the manual costs, possibly including “re-work” and the potential to let your employee do other things, you will quickly be convinced of the ROI.


The exchange of your data with the ISCO platform is done in a very secure manner. Your data does not go outside ISCO and registration at Digichambers is done with your credentials, which are stored securely with us in your own secluded environment.


ISI-DOC supports most European languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish,…

ISCO also for your company

Key points in the list below

Some features of ISCO that will make your life easier:


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