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How to process your documents more efficiently?

ISI-DOC is here to help you

Do you recognize this situation…? As an SME you are confronted with a huge amount of paper and a staff that needs to key in repetitively data, in one of your IT systems? This is driving up your costs and you wonder how to make this process more efficient? Do you feel like you’re left in the dark with your paper challenge… ?

Don’t look any further, ISI-DOC is here to help you … For every problem, there is a solution.

The “paper” challenge

Large companies have overcome the “paper challenge” by adopting, parametrizing, training and maintaining #iOCR (intelligent OCR) software also referred to as #IDP (intelligent document processing). The software helps them to handle 80% of the paper documents received. The remaining 20% is keyed in manually, by their back-office staff. Additionally, very large players also couple their iOCR tool with machine learning and artifical intelligence to help them to “unleash the information in their documents”.

These companies also have the means to overcome the challenges associated with an implementation of an iOCR solution. But, it doesn’t stop after the implementation. Indeed the TCO (total cost of ownership) can be a burden too (yearly licence costs, soft- and hardware upgrades, knowledgeable staff, integration with machine learing/artificial intelligence,…).

As a small or medium sized enterprise, what are your options?

Just imagine one second that an external party proposes to handle all your paperwork “as a service”… You would just send a bulk of paper to that external party and the external party returns all the information of that paper bulk in a structured format of choice, ready to import in your ERP, TMS (Transport Management Software), Warehouse Management System (WMS) or other application…

Even more, what if that external party guarantees a recognition rate of 100% of all your documents? What if that external party coupled an iOCR tool to Machine Learning and artificial intelligence in your place? And, if they can even help with the integration in any system if the import capabilities are not present in your legacy application?

ISI-DOC, too good to be true?

ISI-DOC is the perfect solution to overcome the paper challenge in your company. ISI-DOC is a cost–effective solution that requires no knowledgeable staff at your end. You send your documents to ISI-DOC, they get processed and are returned as structured data. We unleash your documents and allow you to focus on your true business challenges. This against a cost per document, no license or set-up fee. On top of that, we can help you with the integration into your application with our tailormade RPA databots…

Do you already use an iOCR-tool?

Several customers come to ISI-DOC with this challenge: “We use an iOCR tool to import our invoice data into our accounting system… Nice ! Nonetheless, we still need to reconcile, manually, the data of the invoices with the purchase orders that reside in our ERP application or even worse, in another application. This requires to open two different screens: one with the invoice, the other one with the purchase order, so that we can check that everything corresponds. We also need to follow a manual process to approve or disapprove the invoice… What a pain !” Sounds familiar, no ?

Once again, ISI-DOC to the rescue. ISI-DOC can match purchase orders with invoice information and do the verification in the place of your employees. ISI-DOC has experience with retrieving the Purchase order numbers out of your invoices and use it to link it with data of your purchase order system. It is even possible to include an image (BIN64 format) in an XML message to have the readable copies available in your ERP system.

Hence, you can check both documents together, in image format and in structured format and use that data to trigger an ad hoc approval process. The output of ISI-DOC can be integrated with almost any IT system, being it an ERP system, a TMS system or a Warehouse Management System, etc.

You shouldn’t stay in the dark any longer!

ISI-DOC is the perfect solution to overcome the paper challenge of your company.

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