Intelligent automation in your administration

Document processing in your company?

Anno 2021 – What's the plan?

Employees opening, reading and processing documents in a business application. Anno 2021 and despite the many initiatives around a “paperless-automated” workplace, it is still the reality in many companies. Many companies are entering the market in search of technological solutions to curb the paper rush.

OCR (IDP) solutions in the market

And yes, there is a lot on the market for OCR solutions or in a somewhat hipper term “intelligent document processing” (IDP). But what should you look for when buying such a solution? What is the hidden cost and how well do these solutions work? You will soon decide to put this into a selection process to compare different providers in order to make a well-founded decision, won’t you?

But, is that really what you need? The most advanced solutions like to use terms like “artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” to indicate how self-learning their solution is, but our experience has shown that behind those terms are algorithms that require training and then we quickly get to the point of who is going to do and support this. How sure are you that you are not shifting the work from document processing directly by the employee, to an IT solution (integrated with other applications or not) where an employee validates on a screen what the IDP engine has recognised? After how many validation confirmations, made by that employee, will the solution interpret this correctly?

Document processing in your company, what’s the plan?

As, I do not want to turn you off with a “total cost of ownership” story. The technology is indeed proven, the only question is how can it work for me?

The inevitable question then arises: what do you want your employees/colleagues to do? Where does their added value for the company lie and what part of their administrative tasks would you like them not doing anylonger?

With this in mind, we are convinced that document processing as a service can have its place in your organisation. You no longer have to think about the right solution and how to integrate it into your IT landscape. Who will do the maintenance and who will set up and train the solution?

ISI-DOC: intelligent document processing as a service

With ISI-DOC this is now available as a service, see it as a form of business process outsourcing or an as-a-service model. It does not matter!

You may already be thinking about what your employees or colleagues are going to do with the time they are not going to spend on document processing?

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