Intelligent automation in your administration wants to be your trusted partner in the intelligent automation of your administration. From advice to implementation, we can assist you on your projects that increase efficiency. In addition, we also develop services into products in an “as-a-service” model. This is based on our vision that even the most advanced technologies should be accessible to everyone.

Intelligent automation - our products

Our vision is to make technology available to everyone in an accessible way. From a small SME to a major player, our products are characterized according to: “economical”, “simplicity”, “innovative”, “safe” and “fast”. In addition, we like to get you moving, so our products can be tested quickly. With us, no heavy processes, with a lot of investment in time and resources on your side.

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Testing intelligent document processing is not a weeklong project for us. Send us 10 sample documents, ISI-DOC interprets them the same day…


Get rid of the manual work to fill in Digichambers, not to mention the error proneness and rework that this occasionally entails…






Intelligent automation - our services

Increasing the efficiency in your administration is a priority for your company? You are looking for ways to start an intelligent automation program, but don’t know how to get started? You heard about RPA technology or did a small proof of concept around it, but how to scale or leverage on it? These are a number of questions know how to deal with, just contact us.

What services can offer you:

RPA advice and

You have already heard of the advantages of RPA as a technology, but where do…

Process analysis for RPA automation

In many companies, the knowledge resides in the minds of the employees. Processes…

RPA process automation design

We know from experience that many processes cannot be automated linearly. Very often…

RPA project /

An RPA program often involves different departments within the company, but also…