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Based on the experience and insight that many companies need a partner who thinks in solutions. Business administration consists of data and processes, and to make these efficient, a partner is needed who thinks along and proposes solutions. At Solvers.ai, we want to be that trusted partner. We also market solutions in an “as a service” model. Our “as-a-service” offerings are accessible and affordable to many companies from all industries. This is based on our vision that even the most advanced technologies should be accessible to everyone.

This does not mean that we do not accept customization, we work together with experienced and reliable partners to offer you the right service. Yes, because we are Solvers.ai.

Our team

Two extremely driven and experienced professionals

Stijn Ongena

In the course of my career I have gained a lot of knowledge in different sectors (banking, telecom, consumer products, technology…), but the common thread between all these sectors has been the specialization in software applications and accounting/management reporting (BI).

The role that I play, is less important than the knowledge I bring with me. I always want to master the area I work in. If you don’t understand the business, you can never be a good consultant. I have always been able to offer my customers added value in a short time and I have a nose for innovation. I see myself as a pragmatic, but decisive person. I strive for the best solution, but know that compromises are part of the game.

If you’re faced with complex process automation issues and you know there must be another way to reach your goal, I may be able to give you the last push in the right direction you need.

Francis Coulonval

The common thread in my career is probably that I have always been fascinated by the world of software and how I could use IT solutions to best meet the needs of my customers. I have worked on process automation projects in many roles, from developer early in my career, to project lead and detailed needs assessments. I have contributed to the digital transformation of many companies – national or international – in the financial sector, but also in logistics, manufacturing, distribution, insurance, etc. After running a consulting company for nearly 10 years, I refocused my career to focus on new technologies, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), intelligent OCR and artificial intelligence.

Through conversations with customers and prospects in my network, I decided to create Solvers.ai, whose first product – ISI-DOC – offers intelligent OCR and RPA technologies as a service to its customers. Whether in this field or in others, I always try to understand my clients’ business challenges in detail and provide them with the solution that will best enable them to overcome them. Especially in the world of SMEs, where staff is often alone with complex issues and where resources do not always allow them to go through long and expensive IT processes…


More than 25 years of experience
Pragmatic, but decisive
Innovative thinking
At home in many sectors


More than 25 years of experience
Change-oriented (change management)
Analysis and improvement projects
At home in many sectors

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